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The CCTS's Recruitment Toolbox provides researchers and staff easy access to tools and resources in order to create recruitment flyers, announcements, and advertisements for study recruitment and enrollment.

The Biomedical Informatics Core offers services to help researchers obtain clinical data for research purposes.

红桃棋牌游戏UIC's translational research resources promote the use of, improve access to, and provide exposure and training in state-of-the-art technologies and resources for clinical and translational research.

UICentre is the academic drug discovery initiative at UIC. We are a campus wide program centered on collaborative engagement designed to stimulate the application of pharmaceutical and translational knowledge in order to generate novel therapeutic compounds.

红桃棋牌游戏The Clinical Research Center (CRC) provides the UIC research community with a core of clinical research professionals.

The Regulatory Support and Advocacy Core provides centralized, accessible regulatory support, advice and guidance.

our Recruitment and Retention program offers guidance on the engagement of participants in health research.

红桃棋牌游戏The CCTS's Design and Analysis Core provides consultative services to clinical-translational investigators in the conceptualization, design, conduct, and analysis of their research studies.

红桃棋牌游戏The Dissemination and Implementation Research and Policy Program's mission is to foster unique university-community-policy partnerships to promote the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based health programs and services.

REDCap is a secure, web-based application for securely building and managing online surveys and databases. REDCap’s easy design environment allows you to quickly create web-based databases and data capture forms with special features like ad-hoc reporting and scheduling.